Explore strengths

• Varighet: 45 – 60 min
• Antall Deltagere: 6+

Step 1 – Lay out all the cards on a table and have everyone stand around the table.

Step 2 – Ask someone to pick a strength that they are comfortable talking about or explaining. Ask the person to say what the strength means to them. Ask them to answer:

  • What does it look like when someone uses this strength? What will the person do, how will they behave and what will they say?
  • Is there anyone in the room who sometimes shows that strength? Do you know others who show this strength often? Can you describe once you saw someone use the strength?

Step 3 – Ask what the rest of the group thinks. Can they relate to the stories and descriptions that are shared? Can they add something about what the strength means to them or how it appears?

Step 4 – Ask the whole group: In what other situations will the strength be useful to use?

Step 5 – Repeat steps 2-4 and let others in the group select new strengths.

Step 6 – Ask the group to divide into pairs (with someone they know) and give them a few minutes to look at the cards and reflect on the strengths of their partner.

Step 7 – Have everyone choose 3 strengths that they think their partner has.

Step 8 – When this is done, each of the pairs goes through the strengths they have chosen together and shares why these have been chosen.

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